Grade 4


Home Sweet Home

I believe that home is the most important feeling you can experience in life. Home for me is a place of comfort and memories. It’s a place where I can feel safe and secure.

I feel the most comfortable when I’m at home. I love just cuddling up with my family and watching a cool movie. I get this relieving feeling when I walk in the door after a long hard day at school. Home is a place where I can just be myself and not feel embarrassed.

When I’m at home I feel safe and secure because my home keeps me and my family
dry and warm in the winter and nice and cool on hot summer days. I always feel safe at home knowing my family is right next to me.

Home is a place where you make memories, big or small, sad or happy, fun or boring, like losing my first tooth or my first steps. Memories are something that you will never forget in life.

Home means a lot to me. It breaks my heart knowing that some people don’t have a home. I am very lucky that I have a home where I feel comfortable, safe and secure, and where I can make lots of memories.