Grade 4


Home Sweet Home

A home brings peace, warmth, love, and safety to people.

Without a home people are cold, scared, and alone. They don’t feel the love they need. People don’t feel freedom and they feel helpless. They feel forbidden, and have bad memories. They feel devastated.

With a home you feel cozy, proud, and welcomed. You can have good memories and you can have freedom. Everybody in the world has to have a home to be sheltered, safe, and happy.

My home fills me up with laughter and joy. I feel safe and I feel like dancing around. I love my home. It means everything to me. If I have a sad day at school I feel good when I’m at home. I don’t feel scared. If I didn’t have a home I would be scared for my life. I would be cold outside. Without my home I wouldn’t be clean and I would be stinky. That is why I always want to go home to my family where I can be healthy and clean.

If you have a home you can fit all your stuff (something is missing here- in it?). You can have fresh foods that are healthy and delicious. You can sleep peacefully and feel comfortable.You can even do all your stuff at home like homework, study, play and still be you. You would be safe, warm ,and healthy. At home, You can have a mom, a dad, a brother and pets. Then they can all spend time and play together. You can have all of your precious stuff like a secret book, toys, money and clothes. This is why people need a lovely home.

It feels good to have a home!