Grade 4


Home Sweet Home

For those who don’t have a home remember you are still special.
Home feels like my palace where I learned how to walk, talk, eat, sleep, drink, play and have memories. My home is filled with memories from bad to good, young to old. Parents are the people who love you and take good care of you all the time. Brothers are the people who annoy you and play video games all the time. Sisters are the people who got your back, they are the best. My room is not just a thing but a squeaky-clean place where I draw, and sleep. Waking up in warm bed with extra pillows and a fluffy grey rug and the bright shiny sunset reflecting to your eyes. While sleeping in my room can I be having a nightmare or a sweet dream. Waking up at noon after hearing a baby crying and having to get up to feed her. Brothers are often useless and watching tv. Dad is snoring in his office and mom is on the phone. Its all to much handle sometimes but still love them any ways.
Sometimes I feel bad and cry because not everyone has a roof over there head. Trying my best to study, take good care of my family and friends. On weekends after work and plans, I go in my favorite spot which is my lab. It’s where I sleep, draw, play and more. Playing the barber obby in Roblox for over an hour with friends being thankful that I have a computer. Home is a place where you let your feelings out speak your language and have a family. School is where you have friends, play and most importantly learn. Grandparents to parents to siblings are what make the perfect home.