Grade 6

Prince George
British Columbia

Home sweet home

“Home is where the heart is.” Billy Letts. But any way, the problem that I’m looking at is that not everyone has a home. Some of the reason that not everyone has a house is a bad education, a bad job, and a mental illness.
If they have a bad job they won’t get much money and if they want to get a house they need at least $5000O- $80000, and bad jobs may only pay you 2OOOO$-50000$ and you spend the majority of that money on food and water, which means it will take them years to afford a house to call home. And one of the reasons they get a low paying job is because of a bad school.
If you have a bad education it reflects on your future life and having a house. If you have a bad education your grades will be low and you won’t do well in high school which means you can get sent back a grade and you will finish school late and you might not even get in university. If you don’t get in university you WILL get a bad job so you can’t afford a house to call your home. Having a mental illness also plays a role in not having a house.
Having a mental illness is also a key role in this too. Everywhere around the world has a lot of schools that don’t accept mentally ill people and Canada is no exception. We have an uncountable amount of schools that don’t take mentally ill people, and that needs to stop. We need to accept all mentally ill people. If we keep doing what we’re doing our poverty standards will stay the same and we will make other people to repeat this cycle.
We need to help.