Grade 6

Prince George
British Columbia


“It’s not about how big the house is, it’s about how much love the home has” “Unknown”. Most people say that homes are for living in, and are able to feel the structure of the home but really it is a feeling. To me a home is about these things… family, security, and love
When I think about a home I think about love, when I have a bad day at school I will go up to my room. After a while my mom will come up to my bedroom and comfort me and that is love. There are many more ways that a home can benefit you.
When I think of home I think of a place that I can be safe and secure. Most of the time I’m coming home to an empty house, usually I will come home do my homework and then go upstairs and stay in my bed room till my parents or my brother gets home and during that time I feel safe and secure
Friends and family can make or break a home. Friends and family in my case are amazing, they make my home awesome and we know if we need them they’ll be there. So, what I’m saying is they make my home so much sweeter. On weekends I might have a couple friends over and if my parents have to go out they know we’ll be safe because we have each other and my brother will be upstairs. That’s what friends and family do to my home to make it better.
This is why my home is super special to me and my family. My house wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t have all the things I am thankful for.
That was what my home means to me.