Grade 6


Home, Sweet Home

Home is like a cozy sweater. It makes you feel protected, comfortable, and warm. At a home you should feel safe and loved.
It is a place to stay,
throughout the day.
A safe place to retreat,
where nothing can compete.

The best thing about a home, is that it can be anything you want it to be. Lots of people think houses and homes are the same thing, but they’re not. A house is a type of building to live in, and a home could be a place or people that mean something to you.
A library, school, family, street,
it’s a mellow place to rest your feet.

My home is anywhere with my family. When I am with them, I feel safe and secure. I feel like I’m at home. I trust them, and I know they trust me.

I personally think people without a house should be called “houseless”. That is because people who don’t have a house shouldn’t be called “homeless”, because they can still have a home. It can also be vice versa; some people may have a house but not a home.

I think everyone should have a home. You need a place to feel loved. It is important to have a home because you will be healthier with less stress, have more comfort, and a better lifestyle in general. Even people with the littlest in life still deserve a home. Everyone deserves a home.
A home or a house,
Like a rat or a mouse,
Similar on the outside, but different in the heart.