Grade 5


Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

the smell of delicious home cooked meals,
messy baking,
spraying whipped cream in each others mouths,
stupid play fights,
trying to beat each other in video games,
screaming because someone is
tickling you,
the feeling of comfort and joy,
being loved,
family all around you like you’re a
little hotdog.
Bear hugs and goodnight kisses,
being with siblings who say they hate us,
but you know deep down they do
love and care for you.
Home is where you and your family
can laugh about something that wouldn’t
make sense to anyone else.
Reminiscing the past and present,
the good
the bad,
and all the fun we’ve had.
To me a home is a place you can
go to at the end of the day,
and feel okay.
A house is made out of bricks
and beams,
but a home is made out of
and family.

By Blaire.