Grade 6


Home sweet home

Home is where I feel safe.
It is where my Family is.
Home is where my cat is!
Home, it is where I play.
Where the good and bad times are.
Home, is where my room is.
Home, is where my friends and family come to visit.
Home, it is where I am happy.
I am grateful for my home.
It is where I laugh.
Home is where I cry.
Home is where I have fun.
Everyone should have a home.
They don’t deserve to live on the cold, loud, lonely and busy streets.
Home is where people should feel welcomed and safe.
Home is where everyone belongs.
Home, it is where I sleep in my warm safe bed.
Home is where I have food.
It is where my family gathers on special holidays.
Home, it is where I learn.
Home is where I clean my clothes.
A place where my family loves me.