Grade 4


home sweet home

Home sweet home.

I finally got home after a long drive my little brother asked what is home? I said home is a place we love, a place we live and a place we feel safe with our family.

When we go back to our home, we should appreciate what we have because some people don’t have a home. When we eat at home we should thank the people who were working so hard to make food for us to eat because some people don’t have food or they only have dirty food to eat. When we wake up we should be thankful because there are people who don’t have beds and stuffed animals that we have. When we brush our teeth we should be thankful because we have toothbrushes and toothpaste but other people use fingers and mud as their toothbrush and toothpaste. When we play games on the computer or with our toys we should be thankful because lots of poor people don’t even have computers or nice toys to play with, so when you play you should be grateful. When we draw we should think about the other people who don’t have paper and the drawing materials and the entertainment that we have when we are bored. Think of the the clean water we drink at home, all we do is open the tap, can we imagine going to a pond and getting water to drink and it is not even clean.

Be grateful for everything we do and everything we have at home. Home is the best, I sure am thankful now.

Home sweet home.