Grade 6

Cote Saint Luc

Home Sweet Home

Home does not just mean to have a roof over your head
Or to have a room for lying down on a bed
Home is a place where people belong
Where you should feel comfortable and strong
Friends, family and relatives together in a small space
Home might not be our birthplace
But it makes us feel cozy and warm

Home is a place where memories are formed
A place where you stay when there’s a storm
It’s an area where stories are shared
Home is a neighborhood where joy and laughter are yours to create
Where we educate and celebrate

Home is a place to have fun
Where you should feel like a lucky one I like it
Home is a place to smile
Where you like to hang out for a while

Home is full of jokes and giggles
Bruises, cuts, tears and sniffles
Home is full of warmth and happiness
Hugs, tickles and lots of giddiness

Home is where I like to play
And I never want to be away
Home is where I want to be
Chilling, relaxing and being just me