Grade 5


Home Sweet Home

What does home mean to you? Home to me is a place to be loved and cherished. A place to make memories good or bad. In homes you are raised, make traditions, and love your family. A place to sleep, feel safe, and feel comfort. A place where dreams come true. Christmas and Easter is the best to celebrate at home. All people should be grateful to have a home. Any day you can be grateful to have a home. Some days you might feel sad, home is a place to make you feel happy. A home holds all your memories and your feelings. A place to trust friends and family. A place where your family helps you when you’re down. A nice place to do your work. A place where I feel grateful to have a home, nice meals three times a day, a roof over my head, walls, a comfortable bed and blankets. A place I can come home from school and cuddle with my cats and play outside with my little sister. Someday everyone should have home. I should be so happy to live in a nice heated home. A home can be at a lake, an apartment, in a city or in the countryside. Home sweet home.