Grade 4


Home Sweet Home

Home can be made of sticks and mud or great big rocks. Home is a place where I live, laugh, learn and love. At home you can be whoever you want to be. At home, you never have to give up even through the toughest obstacles. At home, you’re with the best people in the whole wide world – Your family. At home, you can rely on whoever is with you because they always back me up. Home is a loving, cherishing and a forgiving place. Home feels like a warm blanket. At home you’re with the most supportive people you will ever meet. Home is a place when I am always myself. Home is a place where I can make and cherish new and old memories. Home is special and unique in so many different ways. Home is a place where I make mistakes but we forgive each other for whatever we do. Wherever your heart travels, you’ll find it at home. Whatever we do, wherever we roam, we will always find a way back to where we grew up because there is no place like home.