Grade 6

New Brunswick

Home Sweet Home

Home is somewhere we all make memories.

Trust one another and help each other succeed.

It’s safe, warm, and a place where you are free.

Honestly, it’s just a great place to be me.

There are homes that are different shapes and sizes some might even be slanted.

But no matter what we should never take it for granted.

For me a home is something you share.

With friends in which you care.

In my house there is no judgment.

So therefore, my family is confident.

My dog is a big part of my house.

If I lose him, I’d probably be as quiet as a mouse.

When night is done here comes Thursday.

When I walk out the door it’s a start to a new day.

My family is always there for me and always have my back.

Therefore, thanks to them in school I never lack.

If you have a home and it means a lot to you.

You should make a writing piece for Habitat for Humanity too.

Explain to them what home means to you.

So, they can have a special home too.