Grade 6


Home Sweet Home

Home means a lot to me .
HOme is a special area for me !
HOMe is where I live .
HOME is where my dreams come true !!

Home is place where I live and were my family lives.

Home is where my dream things and hope will come ture .

That’s where mine toys and things are .

In my home that’s where you get most of love .

Home is where I sleep and I do work or your homework .

Home is where I play outside with my friends !

Where my pets wait all day for me .

In your home there is your rare thing ( e.t, phone , iPad, tablet, iPod and your headphone . )

That’s where meanly people trust me .

Home is where I feel safe and free also clam !

Nothing is more special than your home !
Home is a special place for all of us !
Home is the spot everyone in the world loves !!!!!

Home !!!!!!

Home is a special thing to me. Home is the spot I love.Home is where my dreams come true . Home is where my sister waits for me to return from school . Home is where I get Home is where my family it . Home is where my toys and rare things are. Home is where I do my homework . Home is what I think about all day long . The minute I get off my property I start to think what if something happen when I am gone . Home is where you do fun thing with your parents / family. Home is where I feel safe and clam .