Grade 6


Home Sweet Home

Home sweet home
The place where I truly belong
It might look like 4 walls and roof with a door
But it’s so much more
So, what is home?
And what makes it so sweet
Not a flower, but the scent of a flower
Not a bed, but the comfort of a bed
Not the sky, but as free as the sky
Not a candy, but as sweet as a candy
Not a hug, but as warm as a hug
Home isn’t about where you are,
It’s about where you can go
When you feel upset or angry
It’s about where you can go
When you are feeling lonely
When I’m at home
I feel free
Free of all my worries
Free of all my stressors
Free of all my expectations
Simply free
When i’m at home
I’m with family
I spend time with my sister
Going on adventures
Everywhere from the moon
To a princesses castle,
In a faraway kingdom
We let our imaginations run wild
I spend time with my mother
We make a little cake
Using eggs,flour butter and sugar
It might not taste the best
But to me it’s the most delicious food I could have ever tasted
I spend time with my father
We spend time together looking at cool gadgets
These times are make makes my house,
Some people are not as lucky as you and me
They don’t have a home to go to,
Or a family
They don’t have food
Or a warm place to go
So the next time you see someone shivering on the sidewalk
Give them a dollar, or two
It’s enough to make their day
And yours too
Nothing is as wonderful
As making someone smile
And that’s what makes home sweet.