Grade 6


Home sweet home

This is our home, we make memories and more here. It holds our gratitude, love and compassion. I would never be the same person if it wasn’t for my home and the people I grew up with here. We draw the circle of love 💗. We pass on our love to the next people in our generation, and the family never ends at this magical place called home. From the cozy beds, to the kitchen counters wherever we are in home you are safe and loved for the rest of your life. This place is more than you could ever ask for. We are all more than grateful to call it, ♡Home♡ The family is what matters most, You have your family to guide you, to love you and to help you grow up to be an amazing extraordinary person no one has ever seen before.
Who likes winter fun? Me! The best is when you get to sit by the fire, sit back and relax after a long day to chill with your family and have hot cocoa. Being bundled up and cozy is a priority for me.
For summer too! Sitting down on your patio or on your deck drinking water as cold as an ice cube. Or swimming in a pool playing games with your siblings or other relatives! Let’s go inside and look at memories! Looking at your wall of family photos and pictures of people you love most! You can’t forget your pets! There’s nothing better than a fluffy kitty or a cute dog! You get to share so much with them and they would tell you they love you so much. You can feel it in your huge heart of love, Gratitude and other things!
Thank you for coming to explore home with me!