Grade 6


Home sweet home

A home is a place where you can feel safe and have all kinds of emotions. To me home is a place where I can be sad, happy, excited, nervous, mad, and feel safe. This is what i’m going to talk about in this letter.
To me a home is where you are happy and feel safe. I witness all sorts of emotions in my home. When I’m sad I go to my room to read or get comforted by my parents. It always makes me happy to know that I have people in the world that care about me. Then I make my sister happy by asking to play with her or giving her some of my chocolate. We make the whole family happy when we’re happy! Then my parents will let us do something that we want like stay up later than usual and read. Then we get excited that we get to do something that we like. When we are finished we go to bed but I usually get nervous for the next day and get really nervous and worried. Then my parents will comfort me and I don’t get enough sleep. When I don’t get enough sleep I get angry and yell at my sister. When we are angry at each other we don’t really talk to each other. Then I feel sad and bored because we did not get to play that day and we start from the beginning! All this happens at my home and I end up feeling safer every time. I just really love my family (well it depends on the situation with my sister) and wherever they are it is home!
I can’t imagine how I would feel if we lost our house. Everyone was once sad in their life.