Grade 6


Home sweet home

A home isn’t just a building it’s where your heart lives whether your heart lives On a street,a building or under a bridge. It’s where you feel safe and sound, Where you know you are loved by everyone who surrounds. It’s not just being Happy, a home is where you might feel funny. Where you laugh and play or cry All day, a home is where you can stay.
Home is where you make memories
Like riding your first bike, or the first time walking
Where you learn new things like how to make a drawing
You might grow up with brothers, and sisters, mom or dad, but most of all it’s Where you don’t feel sad
Where you start off as a baby and grow up to be amazing, to accomplish new Things beyond making drawing.

The joy of walking into your house after a long day at school
Smelling fresh baked cookies, seeing a tall glass of milk
Just sit back and relax cause you’re in your home so you should feel great,tired And sad for every day that passes and goes.
But we have to remember some don’t get the joys of home
But we have habitat for humanity to help with this obsticail
By building more houses for every second and minute.

I’m glad to say that my Poem will help so many,thank you for reading this piece of writing,
Habitat for Humanity!