Grade 6

British Columbia

Home sweet home

Ashton Dekker
I’m sure home sweet home sounds better than house sweet house any comments? Anyway it has a lot more to it than you think.
What home means to me is that your family is there close by and there for you. You should also feel more safe and more comfortable than you would in a house. All homes need love. They also give love to the owners that should take good care. A home is where you live. You also have to pay a lots of money in order to live in one home/house. You need to clean it often. HOUSE
Houses are really just buildings you rent like a condo or an apartment possibly a hotel. A house is a structure that you live in. Here are some differences between the two. To start things off a home is kept in the same place forever. But a house you can drive to another hotel condo or apartment.
Well that was so much fun oh no I’m out of paper so I’ll catch you later bye.