Grade 4


Home Sweet Home

My home means my life to me, not because of the look,
but because of who lives there – my family, and all the memories we have there.
Like in my living room, I learned how to do my front walk over.
Where we eat supper every night while watching T.V.
I love my family to the moon and back.
We may fight a lot, but I still love them so, so much.
Home is where you feel loved, where you feel safe.
It doesn’t even have to be your home.
It could just be a place where you feel safe and loved, where you feel at home.
I think that everyone deserves a home like mine,
where they can make memories.
When I found out that I could raise money for people that don’t have a place to live I wanted to enter so bad.
Even if I don’t win, I still raise money for the homeless just by entering
and that makes me so, so happy.