Grade 5

Red Deer

Home Sweet Home

Home is a place where we can see our family, pets, and love everywhere.
Everything in this poem that rhymes is like saying a house is worth a septillion dimes.

It is also a place where you can have fun, no matter where you are.
It can also be a place where you can cherish all of your loved ones that have, very sadly, perished.

All of the pictures and drawings encased in wood all represent all of the memories that you had in your past childhood!

All of your toys in your bedroom, your clothes in your closet, all of your food that you are given and all of your Nerf accessories on little blaster racks that you paid fifty dollars to get, all of your pencils and pens in little bags, all of those things you deserved to get as a kid, remember you are what you have for life.

All of the treasures you can find in your beloved home were most likely from the mail, they could be packages that came from for example…China, and from someone sending letters.

Every few things in your house that you find that are leaking could represent all of your hide-and-seek loving friends that you could potentially be seeking!

And just remember that what you have and who you are are what you have for all of your, very, very important life.

And just don’t argue with your friends and family, it is just upright insanity!