Grade 5


Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home is where I belong. It’s where family and children belong! Watch as I state reasons with endless possibilities.
Firstly, I don’t have to change ANYTHING about myself when I’m in my Home Sweet Home! Nobody can judge me because I’m in my lovely home! I love it so much, My family can’t judge me because they love me so much!
Next, soft warmth everywhere! When I just turn the key door. Viola! My Home Sweet Home. For example, when I open the door, I see my lovely family! The lovely fireplace and my fluffy and amazing pets! Home is the best because of its amazing soft and warm features.
Last but not least, my family in my Home Sweet Home makes it all worth it. I love everything about staying in there with them.
Home is the best when I have my family with me! The lovely kisses from my parents, the warm hugs from my siblings. The love they bring so they can make this family possible.
In conclusion, that was why I love my Home Sweet Home, I really hope you enjoyed the rhymes and rhythms. Also the descriptive words. Hopefully this made you feel some sort of way, and that you understand my stated opinion on why I think home is where I belong.