Grade 6


Home Sweet Home

Home is more than four walls and a roof,
it’s a place where you build memories.

Home makes me feel safe,
after school, when I go home
I get real, I mean REAL comfortable.

Sometimes home can be loud
and other times it can be quiet
but no matter how loud
and how quiet
I still feel loved.

Home is a place where time gets made
like when you play a board game time is getting made.

Home can be fun but sometimes it can be really boring
but even when I’m bored I’m still happy cause I’m with my FAMILY.
Home is a place to cook together,
but even if we’re not together and I’m alone in the house,
I still feel safe because I know my grandfather is still with me, inside my heart.

Homes can be big,
Homes can be small
No matter the size at least I’m with my lovely family.