Grade 6


Home Sweet Home

Home, a home is a place with memories and happiness. A place where you spend time with your family and friends. A home for me is amazing, a home for me to share my feelings, a home for me to love and spend holidays with my family, even though I’m far from the rest of my family I still call and travel there. There is a place to sleep, a place to watch with my family, a place to clean, a place to cook, and a place that I’ll never forget. If I can make someone happy I would want them to share memories in a home with their family. A home is where my family lives, a home to grow in, a home to learn, a home to keep clean, and a home that will live forever. A home is happiness, a home has a garden, a home has a backyard, and it will be incomplete without people. Sometimes there’s sadness, madness, emotional, but we stay happy because we have a home.