Grade 4


Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

I run joyfully through my plain white door but behind the door lies much more. My home is as precious as a diamond and you can really call it your own. I run up to my bedroom and I can see all the memories I made there but nobody else can see. Home is a place where you have felt different ways having a home is really important.

It’s where everybody belongs even if you’re black,white,old,young,black haired or blonde because everybody belongs and deserves a home. You could really be yourself at home your personality explodes when you’re at home and you could really feel like yourself.

I sniff the great smell of dinner made just from my mom. I can smell it right from my room and it’s because I have a home. I think you need one too. It’s more than four walls, a roof and some windows and doors. It’s really much more.

If anybody asked what it’s like to have a home i would say it’s part of my life and it’s what makes me today. It’s not easy getting one but once you have one you will really know what it’s like having a home and it’s great. It’s more than you think.

Home is somewhere where you give kisses and hugs and you can trust home to keep all of your secrets and like i said it’s much more then you will know.
And it’s part of my life because when you walk into my home it shows my personality because I decorated it with my style it could be glam,emo,vintage,modern,aesthetic and much more. It’s really your place to live in and it will really can make you call it home.