Grade 5



Home is the safest,
home is the best.
Home is cozy, home where it’s family.
Home where I can stay,
never too far away.
Home is full of color, where nothing bad can occur.
Home has everything here,
there is nothing to fear.
Home is full of light, that makes my path bright.
Home where I can do anything,
home where I can do everything.
Home sounds like music, like the grand clock that ticks.
Home always glitters,
like butterflies that flitter.
Home is like a flower, that grows like my dream tower.
Home is full of dreams,
where it’s true as it seems.
Home sweet home, from where I can go anywhere like Rome.
Home is where my dreams come true.
home is where I find happiness too.
Home is where I’m safe to be, home is where angels surround me.