Grade 4

Prince Edward Island

Home Sweet Home

The laughter and the noise fills the room. The existing words like I love you. The people outside just want to get in, don’t worry people i’ll let you in. The pet’s jump and plays. I bet they want to say hey. The food smells good. It was made for you. The roof over your head is to keep you warm. The walls are there to keep you steady.

Be the one to get the laughter started, be the one to make your parents proud. Just be you and never change. A little bit crazy. A little bit loud & a whole lotta love. Because when you’re with your family you should be happy & when you’re in your home with your family that makes you happy. It’s time to sing so get out there & make some memories. Sing and dance and the memories are made.

My house is unique but it’s not how it looks it’s the people inside my family’s unique but that’s alright. Sometimes I’d rather play outside then be in my home but I know if I had to choose one place I’d stay in my home. I love the smell, I love the people, I love it all. It’s my home. It’s not the foundation that keeps my house standing, it’s the memories I’ve made that make me outstanding. This home of mine & my family doesn’t judge you for who you are. My home judges you by how nice you are. What I like most about my home is that I can stay nice and warm in my home and I have a family to cuddle me. Now when you get home see how your home makes you feel. Your home could be anywhere.