Grade 5

New Brunswick

Home Sweet Home

We do not think about it that
We take home for granted
When a bunch of people don’t have a chance
Or the opportunity we have
So look around with a new eye

A home has love all around it
And has a bunch of possibilities
With family and friends
Where you have family dinners and gatherings
To have fun and enjoy the moment
You are safe in your home
When the world frowns down on us we have somewhere to go
In your home you are loved
Night or day
Like animal mothers know their babies you know your home
When I come home I feel a spark

It generates my brain
It’s inviting to come in
So your able to say home sweet home
After a long day it is good to be home
And I take it all in and enjoy the moment

Those moments you will remember forever
Locked inside your brain so you never forget
With the memories of your home old and new

Life is like a Rubix cube you have to put it together
But you have the same colours
Think of one of the colours as your home
It always stays

Families stick together no matter what
And the home generates it
A home is not a home without a family