Grade 5


Home Sweet Home

My home is where I stay, eat and sleep. Where I play and watch tv with my family. Laughing and love comes from my home, delicious cooked meals are also eaten here. Home is a place where I will never forget. A place that I grew up and a place where I spent time with my family. Memories and friends have been made at my home, sometimes I like to be alone. Where music plays and dancing starts. Home is a place filled with lots of hearts. Quiet or loud, big or small homes have different personalities in the family that stays. Sometimes people live alone or have a pet. Some people don’t have a home and stay in the cold. Homes should be what everyone has. Homes bring happiness and sadness and even anger or excitement. That’s because homes also have emotions too, if you’re sad your home will be sad and if you’re happy your home will be happy. Even though people run away from homes they call it their home, their one and only home. The place they grew up in, gave love in, ate in and slept in. Everyone should have a place called home, it doesn’t matter where it is or what it is, anywhere can be anyone’s “Home Sweet Home”.