Grade 6


Home Sweet Home

I have a home. The people in my class have a home. My relatives have a home, but some people do not. In Canada, there are 200,000 people that don’t have a home. We need to make this number lower. When I say we, I mean we Canadians. I know what we need to do. So that’s why I am writing this.
In every single family, there is a different kind of home. There are families that go for something that is scary. Some are into mystery or surprise. A lot, like my family, are laughter types. In this world, all that matters is if you enjoy your life. A life without fun is pointless, and there is a time limit because people do not live forever. These people are desperate for anything: food, shelter, money, warm winter clothes, love. The rich and famous have all of those but they can sometimes be greedy. So I want the rich to help the homeless. The homeless made one or two mistakes; that’s why they are on the streets.
If I am cold and lonely I would go to my home where it is cozy and full of laughter. My home shows me what true love is. I am sure that is the same for my brother, for my mom, and also for my dad. Those are not the only people that know what true love is. There are a lot of people who know what true love means. So I want the people on the streets to understand what true love means.
The average age of death for a homeless person is half the average age of death for a person who is not homeless. So for sure, we need to make that 200,000 much lower.