Grade 4


Home Sweet Home

I like home, cozy and warm.

I remember the toy I used to have. It was a monster truck Lightning Mcqueen!

The safety bubble we have which is our home, it keeps us safe from disasters and others. It has the protection we need to feel happy and safe. So we can rely on it.

I used to be a toy car lover. I had a whole collection of at least like 100+ cars. I still have them till this day.

The joy from our home to keep us safe I feel joy to be at home. Our home sheltered us to keep us safe, no matter what storm our home can save the day! I mastered the arts of not getting tired which kinda sucks because I need sleep to get energy. I show happiness at home because it’s our home. The brightness from the sun shines throughout the neighborhood’s home windows. The hastey winds go as fast as the flash how fast it goes our home will protect us!