Grade 4


Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Do you like your home?
Home is a special place where it is warm and safe.
It is fun and amazing
A home is a great place to live in and it is my favourite place
It is like family . It has a place in my heart.
I never ever want to leave my home because it is the best place.
I will try to keep my toys cleaned up.

But the sad thing is that not everyone has
a safe and warm home.
It is like a friend
When my mom and dad cook the food is so good.
My cats live in the garage that is their home
My dog has a home too.

My mom, dad ,sisters Madison and Peyton,
The cats Tigger, Teddy and Mitten
And my dog Abby.
They are part of my home.

I Love my home so so so so so so much.
I hope this year the people without
a home get a home.