Grade 5

North York

Home Sweet Dreams

Home is the place I would like to spend my life.
My parents are the light to me.
Home is the place where I relax.
I have time with my family.

I might not have a sibling,
But my family and my pet keeps me company.
And I’m thankful because I know,
Some people don’t have any.

Home is where I can have time to draw.
I can draw whenever I feel like.
Home makes me feel comfortable.
I can express myself right.

I can play games online.
I can talk to my friends.
I have so much fun.
It feels like it will never end!

My Mom makes good meals.
I don’t even have a favourite!
And whenever she makes new food,
I want to try it.

At home life is easier.
I feel free to use my imagination.
I can keep my own privacy to myself.
And at home there is less frustration.

When I’m at home I can be more artistic.
I feel more free to do what I need.
I feel relaxed.
I feel like I can take the lead.