Grade 5


Home, Splendid, Home

My splendid home, Its roof is large,
So it can unite my immense beloved family,
Its walls are tall and wide ,
So it can protect its vulnerable inhabitants inside.
a home means a family, or maybe not,
A shelter is a need,
but a home it is an unprecedented must indeed.

A home is a place to roam
Our ideas submerged in unspeakable contentment,
For my goals this is the foundation cement,
As unhappiness will break the ties of accomplishments.
Its toughness guards as a fort does in a war
All the sun, wind, and rain are welcome out-of-doors,
And admiring the whole world happenings,
from my windows, it will never annoy me,
It is surely a delight to my heart as a human being,

Eventually, an angry storm may draw near
I am not worried, my home is a mighty armour shield, no fears,
Sadly, As the home storms in itself,
Then We cannot protect ourselves.
Unless we clean our home from nasty feelings thoroughly,
We have to read the home, scanning mistakes and forgiving sincerely.
Undoubtedly it nurtures my health, my senses beyond
It has a specific scent, irreplaceable type of air,
beautiful scenarios of wonderful occasions,
Unforgettable tastes of nuts and raisins,

But if one is allergic,
My home is a hazardous place to be.
No matter luxurious, from bricks or wooden trees,
Home is not at all structural,
It is fantastic, it is amazingly practical.
It is highly encouraging, it is a place without masks and gloves,
Face shields are thrown away from this abode.

My home is of supreme importance,
And a remarkable knowledge to me,
It is that nowhere else I would love to be,
As the night takes over the entire sky,
I go to my snugly cozy bed and at this dwelling
My sleep may take over me
but there is never a sour goodbye.