Grade 5


Home Pome

Home to me is where friends are made and where time never ends.
Home is a place that is born with power.
Its when friends come and go.
To me home feels like a flower.

Home to me is when I feel welcome and playful.
Everyone should have a home.
Home is where everyone wants to play.
When I think about not having a home in sadness I roam.

Home is my grandma making food.
The food always tastes great.
The food always changes my mood.
I always think about what I ate.

Home is Poland the place where my dad came from.
Home is my mother and father hugging me.
Home is my dad and mom caring for me.
My brother always is bugging me.

A home is where friends play and wish there is no end.
To me a home is a place where I can get away from my fears.
When I’m at school my home starts calling me.
I can always stay at my home for years.

By: Kamila Grade 5