Grade 5



Home is a place where you love each other,If you are sad at home your loved one’s are there to help you in anyway possible.Home is a magical place where you are loved and you should love too.I’m very lucky I have a home and you are too.Every night I pray for all the people that don’t have a home and feel very lucky that I have one.You can do whatever you want at home.It it a safe place where you can express all your emotions.I have no idea what I would do without a home.When I think about not having a home I feel really bad for all the people who don’t have one.Before I didn’t understand why there were people on the street but now I understand why because they don’t have a home and if I didn’t have a home I would be asking for money as well.I used to think the people on the street were bad but now I know they are just like us but less fortunate.

Sincerely Christian.