Abu Obaidah

Grade 6

North York

Home Poem

My home is the best place,
It has everything I need,
I have a place to sit, eat, play, study and sleep,
I could do anything as it is my own home.

I am very grateful that I have a home,
As I look around many homeless,
They spend their whole life on streets or caves,
They don’t have any money or job to get a place to live.

In a home everything is available for a family,
Like peace, joy, love, happiness and be relaxed,
We are saved from critical situation and stress,
Whereas, others face the outside stress.

Home protects us from rain, snow, heavy winds,
Also from all the wild animals,
Home is like a shell of a turtle,
We also safe like turtles in our own HOMES!
Abu Obaidah – Grade 6