Grade 5

North York

Home Poem

MY HOME – A Place where I live
I am glad I have a home to live with comfort and happiness,
And it’s filled with lots of treat and food,
I eat and drink all day without any complain,
As my mom cooks delicious.

I am glad that I don’t have to worry for anything,
I play video games and watch Television after my studies,
It’s my home where; I rest with my cozy blanket in cold.
And my home is where I hang my hat and pet my cat.

I do worry for the homeless as they suffer all day and night,
I will give donation for the homeless and needy,
To help them we will do fundraising to help the poor and needy,
I will be happy to see all having their own shelter.

For all to live with happiness, safe, and comfort,
Where my caring, sharing, and memories will last For Ever!!
Humza Khan – Grade 5