Grade 6

North York

Home Poem

My Amazing Home!
My home is filled with love and joy,
A place where I can eat and sleep in a cozy bed,
A place where I can share my heart, it gives me all the comfort I need.
A place to play and have some fun with the family.

My home is great and safe from danger,
My home has all the things I need,
Whenever I need help my parents are there for me,
Home protects us from any disaster.

My home always brings me happiness,
I don’t get bored when I am at home,
There is no home without a family and a smile,
It’s the only place where I am happy.

I love my home and I love my family,
If we had no home then I would suffer,
But I am lucky have a home,
It’s the best place for a family.
We all have home but have you thought of homeless people,
They barely have home and food,
So do as much as you can for homeless,
Because we all deserve a home to stay blessed and safe!

Hamza Hakim – Grade 6