Grade 6

Estevan, SK


Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

I love home.

More than you.

What home means to me

Home is where I feel safe cause I have my family there to protect me, to make me feel special. Every day I wake up to the smell of beautiful cooking eggs. I jump out of bed so enthusiastically that rainbows and dancers from all over the world come to greet me with love and passion. I usually hang out with my little sister Olivia downstairs, either in the play area, or in the living room downstairs watching T.V shows and movies. Sometimes when I’m in a good mood, I’d take Olivia and bother Colby for fun, in his room. Often you can smell supper cooking from upstairs. It’s a pretty big house to live in. I’m often downstairs and barely ever upstairs so there isn’t much I do other than write, draw, watch TV, hang out with Olivia, or eat everyday. Sometimes I’ll spend the day upstairs and hang out with my mom. I’m only upstairs when it’s around 7:00pm- 8:10am. When I go to bed butterflies tuck me in, with the reindeer, it makes me so happy and they kiss me goodnight. Mwah.