Grade 4


Home, Oh Home

When I think of home, I think of family,
They are always there to help me when I’m sad.
In my home I have freedom, to be who I am.
My home is a place where I have shelter, which is my protector.
When I walk in, I feel comfort,
Knowing I am safe. When I come home,
there is fresh and yummy food on the counter for me to eat!
Home is more than material things, home is not just one thing, it’s more than you think. Whenever I come home,
I see my dog has prepared a dance for me. Some
people think home is just a roof and walls but,
sadly some people don’t have a home, which makes me sad to think about,
how sad it would be, if my family did not have a home.
Maybe one day they would get a home, just like me. So people can know,
That is what home means to me.