Grade 6

Stony Plain

Home of happiness

Home is where I live.
Nice, warm and cozy.
When I get home from a cold winter day
I am warm and nothing cold gets in my way.

Home is where I rest my head.
Right in my nice cozy bed.
Under the blankets I lay.
Just like I say

Home is where you stay.

Home is where you love to sleep.
Under the white thin sheets.
Home is where you take a break.
Home is where you bake a cake.

Home is where you wake.

At the school had a bad day.
You see the bus and you start to feel ok.
You’re on the bus so you can go home.
You see your family and know you’re not alone.

You’ve always known your home.
Doesn’t matter if yours is a dome.

Everybody deserves a home.

With this program everyone is happy.
It’s a win win nobody is unhappy.