Grade 5


Home not Rome

Home, too many words to describe it. Home is a place we ‘re loved and cared for.Unfortunately some don’t have the privilege of having or enjoying one. When I enter my home, I feel safe and shielded because I am surrounded with my caring family. If you ask me what is my favorite room in my house, I would say my bedroom. I love my bedroom because it’s small and that’s probably why it’s the messiest. My bed really comforts me with its warm pillows and blankets. Two of my favorite things that I love to do in my room is drawing and listening to music. Home will just be a house without loving and supportive family. My family is filled with people I love and memories I cherish. Like other families, we do movie nights, but, not too often. We do game nights, family gathering, family talks etc . In a home there are rooms and in rooms, there are memories; funny or sad, happy or mad ,it’s still a memory! There is a saying “Home is where the heart is”. Some people don’t believe it, but, I do, of course! And I know it very well as I always do miss my home when I am away from home for days. I am very grateful to have a home and everything else I need in it.And I really wish that everyone in this world to have a privilege to have home like mine where they fell safe and most welcomed.