Grade 4


Home Needs

Home needs family. To me family at home is helpful because my family is always there for me. They make me feel like I’m on the beaches of Mexico. It’s important in a home to have someone there to support you, if you don’t have someone there for you, home isn’t home.

Home needs safety. Home is where I feel the safest in the world. My home allows me to have super safe sleeps in my cozy comfy bed. Safety is what I feel at home. I feel safe because my family is always there to protect me. My fire place keeps me warm all through the winter. My dog lets us know if someone is here. Safety is one of the most important things in the world.

Home needs memories. If you don’t have a home you won’t be able to store your super memories as big as the universe. You need memories because they help cheer you up if something bad happens. If you had a bad day your memories are always there to remind you of good times. Home is my memory bank.

It’s time to have some fantastic fun, I need to go home and play a board game with my family called, “Safety Seriously Matters” and make some memories.