Grade 5


Home: My Sanctuary.

Home: My sanctuary
Home to me is a place that you can go to after a hard day and just relax. A place that my family and I can laugh, and be happy after a disaster. A place where, “me time”, is just as important as “we time”. A sanctuary for safety, and happiness.

Relaxation is one of the main parts of a home. If you don’t feel relaxed in your own home, is it even your home? Let’s start with the crown jewel of the living room. The Couch. Just sitting there, your back straightens, and your horizons are broadened. Or, at least, MY back straightens, and MY horizons are broadened. The nice leather or fabric stitching, there’s no WAY you can’t be relaxed on a couch. Now for the bed. The most relaxing place in your house. From the mattress, to the comforter, to the multiple blankets you may or may not hide under, you feel relaxed. And finally, do you WANT to be sweaty on a 40 degree day of summer in your OWN HOME? Or, do you WANT to be freezing like its -20 degrees in December? No? Well, that brings me to my next point. Heat and air-conditioning. A heater in December is not only amazing, but going inside your house after a long cold day, AND feeling the temperature rise, is WAY better. Same goes for summer and air-conditioning.

Family is the part of a home that actually makes it a home. Take your brothers and sisters for example. How often do your siblings drive you crazy OUTSIDE your house? Exactly. They rarely do. Home is a place to make your brothers and/or sisters go insane.
Parents. The people that got you a home in the first place. The people that take care of you. The people that put Bandaids on your cuts when you were little. The people that drove you to your friends sleepovers and birthday parties. The ones that helped you when you needed to be helped since day 1. The ones that took you home, gave you a room, and gave you even more commodities.

And finally, if you don’t have safety in your own home, it can’t be classified as a home. (In my opinion, anyway.) I know that when the doors and windows are locked at night in MY house, I feel very safe. People can’t get in without a key, and no-one will try to rob you. But if someone DOES try to rob you, you might have a alarm system. BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!! The only place robbers will go with a alarm in your house, is jail. Now that’s safety at its finest. And lastly, parents. My parents make me feel safe when I am scared. They help me out of scary situations, and give me great advice when I need it.

So, safety, relaxation, and family. That’s what home means to me.