Grade 6

Grande Prairie

Home, my safe place

I take the key out of my pouch,
Open the door, and into my house.
I walk right in, take off my shoes,
Now that I’m home I don’t have the blues.
Home is a place to feel safe
No matter what race.

At home, I feel free as a dove,
Because I know I am surrounded by love.
Home is a place where I feel snug,
It’s like being squeezed tight in a big bear hug.
Home is not just a roof and four walls,
It is a blessing to me, and to all.

At home I can kick the shoes off my feet,
Head to the dining room where there’s food to eat.
Home is where there are no enemies,
It is a place that carries memories.
Home is not just a warm and cozy shelter,
It’s a place where your home is together forever.

Home is comfortable and very fun,
It’s where you get congratulated when you get a home run.
Home is a place where you can laugh and play,
I’d take it over an amusement park any day.

Home is not some big old house,
It is a place where you can be yourself.
Right now as I’m writing this poem,
I’m praying for those who can’t feel this way about home.
Play lots and laugh with glee,
That is what home means to me.