Grade 4


HomeMy Paradise!

My home is a calm place. It keeps me warm and safe. It is hard to leave my home. Home just keeps all of my best memories! The thing is: home is just home. No home is perfect but, but all are home to someone. Home is a privilege – you cant stay forever. Home is a fun place to stay on the warm couch. I wish everyone had a home but that is practically impossible sadly. I respect the luck of having a warm home and a family to push me past hard parts. At home I play videogames. My bed is made out of cotton and I have a mountain of pillows! I think it is 4 in a big pile. The best part about home is it is your’s so you can make it all your’s. So if you want a dog or cat you can have a dog or cat! You can have a small table or a big table. The best thing is I have two very good homes! This all means, I am normally very happy when at home. It smells good. We have good tasting food. Normally. Home is a good place for all to be. Some homes are small, some are SO BIG. Home is for all! But a home needs a place to be. Personally I want everyone to be happy with home. Home smells like whatever you want it to smell like. The food tastes however you want it to taste like. What I’m saying is home is your home so make it how you want it too.  The thing about home is you need to take care of it. Home feels really good to be in and spend time with family and friends. I had two dogs.