Grade 6


Home, My Favourite Place

My home is a safe, comfortable and a secure zone.

A place to live with your family and pets,

A place to enjoy life with your friends.

A place to build amazing memories,

That will be cherished for centuries.

A way to build your future wealth,

Its a place where we can just truly be ourselves.

My home is more than a just roof with walls,

It’s a place that I can go to every time I fall.

My house keeps me safe me from snow and rain,

A stable shelter that protects me everyday.

My house lies on a stable and solid foundation,

When I make mistakes, I learn important lessons.

My home is a safe place to stay,

Where I feel protected and loved in every way.

My home is my favorite place,

Where I have my very own special space.

Playing games happily,

To bonding with friends and family.

I’m so thankful to have a nice place,

That I can come to everyday.

When I think of my home,

I think of not being alone.

By writing this poem for all to see,

I am helping builders make a house for people to live,

And somewhere to be.

Everyone deserves a warm home,

A place that they can call their own.

I encourage you to write words on a page,

Describe what home really means to you,

And make a change!