Grade 4


HOMEMy Favourite Place in the Entire World

HOME is where I can be myself. I am free to dance whenever I want. I just dance. I randomly dance. I can play video games as soon as I get HOME. I play tag with my sister. We like to wrestle. Out of all of my technology my favourite is my Nintendo Switch. I can sleep whenever I want. I can dream. HOME is where I can be free to be myself.

HOME is where I’m protected. My family protects me. At night my family locks the doors to keep me safe. I like the hot air that comes out of the heater to keep me warm. The walls and the roof help keep me warm too. HOME is my safe place.

HOME is my place where I can do anything I want to do. What would a home be without a kitchen? I can eat whenever I want to. I like hanging out in the living room, because I can watch T.V. and movies whenever I want to. My bedroom is my favourite place to be, because I sleep in peace. HOME is my safe place where I can do anything I want to do.

What would the world be without a HOME? My favourite place in the whole entire world to be is at HOME!