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Home Motivational Speech

Home motivational speech

What does home mean, the one question that everyone asks? Well, I am here to answer that question. As they say, “home is the heart is” and that is true, there no place is like home. So now let us discuss what the actual meaning of home. So, the real meaning, it has a lot of meanings, but the true meaning is safety, somewhere you feel like you can be yourself in your home. There are all kinds of meanings of home-like, a family member can be your home, a park can be your home, anything can be your home. If you are safe anything can be your home. People do not need to have a place to call home that is a house, and a house is not a place you make memories. You just need to feel love and to feel safe and that is the true meaning of home. All a home is a place or person you feel safe.