Grade 4

middle sachville halifax
Nova Scotia


Home means we get
to live in a warm comfortable
house and some people
don’t get to live in a
warm comfortable house
instead they have to
live in a cold
Uncomfortable house.
-Home is where you get
To have fun as a family
and enjoy yourself
And have good
food and drinks like
Water and food like turkey
And other stuff.
-Home is where you can
Dream into anything you want to
without having to be
cold and hear loud noises.
You can just dream beyond and above.
-Home is where you get shelter and you don’t get rained on and you have heat instead of coldness and other people who don’t have shelter does get rained on and
Does not have heat
So they are
Very cold.
-We are very lucky
People so if anyone
could stop for a few minutes
And just think about people who
don’t have houses
Like we do and that is
How lucky we are to have a