Grade 5


Home Means to Me

Home means to me a place with memories, fun love family. My home is more than just a house for me. My home is there when… I am doing my homework. When I am happy and sad. I am happy no matter what house I have like… a small home, a big home aim fine with whatever home I have I am happy because I have a home. Some people do not have a home. I have a home and that is all I want.my home is the best home here are my reasons. Firstly, my home is comfortable. I can sleep in a cozy bed. I got warm clothes. Secondly, the members we have in are homes and in are harts. Memories that we share in our home that we keep in are homes. It’s finally fun, I have a lot of fun in my house. I played with my toy. Have a sleepover. In conclusion a home is a place war you can have comfortable nests, memories and fun. Home is a place people love, we have a bedroom that you play games, have you on privacy and sleep. The kitchen you can have food from there and snacks when like when you have a sleepover. kitchen lights seem ordinary, but it provides you with you and you can cook food. Now the living room has so many qualities where I should start. I know you have so much fun in the living room you can talk or gossip. you can watch your favorite shows. You can play with your favorite toys like barbies and stuffiest. home has so many qualities you can spend time with their family also. At home you can do a lot of stuff you might see normal to you but it’s quite to me.